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18 Lost Buildings of Chicago 17x22” print ($60 CAD)

This is a 18-point chart showing Chicago buildings of architectural, cultural, or social importance, all of which were bulldozed or burned out of existence between 1890 and 2014. While Chicago is famous for being the birthplace of the skyscraper (more than a few of which were demolished), my Chicago favourite is the third Coliseum Garden. To quote Wikipedia: “Candy manufacturer Charles F. Gunther built the third Coliseum at 1513 South Wabash Avenue in 1899. He purchased Libby Prison, a structure in Richmond, Virginia, constructed as a warehouse which became a Confederate prison during the Civil War. Gunther had it dismantled, shipped to Chicago on 132 railroad cars, and rebuilt in 1889 as the Libby Prison War Museum, which displayed memorabilia from the Civil War. After about a decade the old prison was torn down again, except for a castellated wall that became part of the new Chicago Coliseum.” Later on, it’d play host to everyone from Alice Cooper to the Doors. Printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.