1878 North York Pioneers & Landmarks 24x18” print ($40 CAD)
You’re probably here for the North York history, but I’m here for the North York historian, artist, and photographer named Ted Chirnside. He seems like one of those sleepless, multitalented, self-starters. In 1956 he researched, drew, and wrote this beautiful historic pictorial map, and followed it up in 1964 with a similar one showing Toronto circa 1867 (that you can see a glimpse of here). All along, he was also photographer for the now-defunct North York community newspaper the Enterprise, a job he started in the 1940s and kept at least until the late 1960s, and you can still see his byline on all kinds of historic North York and Toronto photographs online. Find the digital original of this piece, unretouched, at the York University Map Library.