1917 Guidal Landowners' Map of the Township of Guelph 24x36” print ($60 CAD)
In 1917 an Ontario farmer probably couldn’t open their eyes without seeing a new Guidal Landowners’ Map like this Guelph one. Guidal maps for four dozen different Ontarian townships are listed in the Library & Archives of Canada right here, each following this one’s template: five rectangular fields of colour highlight a map at centre and calendars in the corners, and those colour fields pin in place a circle of dense black ad text. The Township of Erin map has nice green colour fields, Trafalgar pink, and the Township of Kenyon Glengarry County one advertises a suspicious “health giving violet ray.“ Printed at the bottom of each sheet is the suggestion that the reader “mention the Landowners’ Township Maps when writing advertisers.” I suspect not many did, as there is no record of Guidal maps after 1918.