1935 Fort Edmonton 24” square print ($40 CAD)
My favourite Edmonton anecdote comes from Shafraaz Kaba’s introduction to the book Capital Modern: A Guide to Edmonton Architecture & Urban Design 1940-1969. In it, Shafraaz writes not only about modernist architecture in Edmonton, but the strong drive to appear modern that Edmonton is cursed by. To paraphrase part of that intro: when historic Fort Edmonton was demolished in 1913, every board in the Factor’s House (point seven in the below map) was carefully numbered so it could be reassembled at a later date. Those boards were stored in the legislature basement until 1939, whence they were consumed in a giant bonfire celebrating King George’s brief Edmonton tour stop. The below image came to me through the City of Edmonton Archives right here, and I can make you a reprint with a half-inch margin.