1969 Model Photo of Downtown Winnipeg Plan No. 27 18x24" print ($40 CAD)
In the 1960s Winnipeg planners flirted heavily with the idea of bulldozing their downtown and replacing it with a concrete utopia of towers and rich white people, but thankfully they failed to do that. Also thankfully: they left behind this architectural model dating from 1969. It’s different than the one in the Centennial Concert Hall basement. It’s as aesthetically incredible as it is geometric and inhospitable, something I appreciate as an artifact of stylized sci-fi Canadiana rather than a place anyone should be forced to live in. The Legislature is at bottom left, Portage and Broadway cross it sideways, and Main Street is that double road at right. Oh, and I found this on a Manitoba Historical Maps Flickr album you can visit right here. Sold as an unframed reproduction with half-inch margins.