To give you a quick tour of this place, the “portfolio” section is a 30-project overview of my fave illustrations from the last decade, a mix of editorial, commercial, and personal work. The “shop” section includes dozens and dozens of my art prints, some of which are personal projects, and others that are reprints of illustrations of mine that have earned lives outside of their original context. 
21 Lost Buildings of Edmonton 17x22” print ($60 CAD)

This is a 21-point chart showing Edmonton buildings of architectural, cultural, or social importance, all of which were bulldozed or burned out of existence between 1950 and 2016. My favourites? Almost everything on this print is close to my heart, but I’ll single out the ever-transforming Gem Theatre (it went through classical, moderne, theatre, nightclub and public hazard phases), the stylishly slim Agency Building on Jasper Ave. (six storeys tall, only 25 feet wide), and the Duncan Block (home of my favourite pancake house until it burned down). I can’t stress enough how hard it was to take my old home city’s vast demolished architectural heritage and reduce it to 21 exceptional buildings. My apologies for the omissions. Printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.