A La Table Des Philosophes (2017)
I spent most of early 2017 buried in Quebecois teacher and scholar Normand Baillargeon's A La Table Des Philosophes manuscript, exploring the link between philosophy, food, and how to best express that linkage via ten full-page chapter-starting illustrations. Here you can see some selections encompassing everything from gluttony, feasts, famines, food states, gastronomic news angles, etc. Art direction by Pierre-Antoine Robotaille, you can order the hardcover (en francais seulement, though a Korean edition is forthcoming) from Montreal’s own Editions Flammarion.

︎ editions.flammarion.com

Person ascending a latter into a wine glass where three people are conversing in the cup
Illustration of a teapot with steam coming out of it that forms a spiral.
Illustrated poster of a person holding up a drumstick, milk, wine glasses, fruit, and steak.
Poster design of a man at a café stand with magazines
Poster art of three people in a wine glass, another person climbing a ladder to join them.