A La Table Des Philosophes print series ($60 CAD ea.)
I spent most of early 2017 buried in Quebecois teacher and scholar Normand Baillargeon's A La Table Des Philosophesmanuscript, exploring the link between philosophy, food, and how to best express that linkage via ten full-page chapter-starting illustrations. The whole set encompassed everything from gluttony, feasts, famines, food states, gastronomic news angles, etc., but these three art prints focus on the weight of considering what to eat, wine and society, and the zen of tea. Art direction by Pierre-Antoine Robotaille, and you can order the hardcover (en francais seulement) from Editions Flammarion. Each are available at 18x24”, and their dimensions include an approximate 1.5" margin. Printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.

Illustrated poster of a person holding up a drumstick, milk, wine glasses, fruit, and steak.
Poster art of three people in a wine glass, another person climbing a ladder to join them.
Illustration of a teapot with steam coming out of it that forms a spiral.