Albertastan 24” square print ($60 CAD)
In May of 2015 Canadian conservative politician Peter MacKay thought he was clever when he referred to the newly NDP-led Alberta as "Albertastan," and here I am thinking I'm clever by taking the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic's crest (used 1937-1992) and editing it a little. The original was made by Soviet graphic artist Ruben Arkadevich Shchyan, and included sun, oil rig, wheat, cotton, and slogans. I tripled the number of oil rigs, replaced the cotton with wild roses, and made sure "get 'er done" figured prominently. Alberta, I may not live in you any more, but you're still one of my muses. Includes an inch-and-a-half margin. Printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.

Illustrated post of a crest with wheat, Alberta wild roses, and oil rigs with the text “Albertastan, Git er’ done, workers of the world unite!”