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Black Dots: An Afropunk Primer (2020)

This is a 2800-word eight-page pamphlet illustrated by yours truly and written by noted Canadian musician, writer, and DJ Chris Murdoch. The subject? When Black first met punk in the UK, the USA, and Murdoch's own life, and along the way its scant 2800 words catch large quantities of DIY spirit, noise, fury, skateboards and weirdness. Get it promptly mailed to you for $2 (plus shipping) by clicking through the link below. Oh, and I did the layout and editing too. That’s not something I do professionally, but I’ll gladly do it for a passion project like this. Of note: Pentagon Black has since put out a second pamphlet titled  25 Queer Country Hot Hits ,1938-2020, and it’s mandatory reading.

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