Black Dots: An Afropunk Primer information pamphlet ($2 CAD)
This is what happens when noted Halifax writer and musician Chris Murdoch and I put together an eight-page pamphlet with 2800 words and five illustrations on where Black and punk first met in the UK, USA, and Chris' own life. Mentioned in the pamphlet: the Bad Brains, Death, Toni Young, Minor Threat, Don Letts, Red C, Bubba Dupree, Void, Chuck Treece, Mike Cornelius, McRad, Ray Barbee, Poly Styrene, X-Ray Spex, Neville Staple, Lynval Golding, DIY spirit, noise, fury, skateboards, weirdness, etc. Originally published by Pentagon Black (RIP), and you can hear a stunning longform interview between Chris and Nardwuar the Human Serviette about the project right here.