Calgary 1910 36x24” print ($60 CAD)
Within a year of moving to Calgary the 28-year old British-born illustrator H. M. Burton was put to work by “Calgary’s most successful land promoter” Fred C. Lowes, making around a dozen bird’s eye view real estate advertisments before returning back to England a few years later. The below print is an expansive view of Calgary with a curious colour choice, and according to a contemporary Calgary Herald report Calgary city council purchased fifty thousand copies to distribute. Only a few exist today, still, but you can read all about Burton, Lowes, this image, and those other images in this excellent Bulletin article by Rhys Stevens (which includes a photo of the print hanging on an office wall more than a century ago). Interested in a copy? This reprint is available with a half-inch margin at a deluxe but easily-framed size.