To give you a quick tour of this place, the “portfolio” section is a 30-project overview of my fave illustrations from the last decade, a mix of editorial, commercial, and personal work. The “shop” section includes dozens and dozens of my art prints, some of which are personal projects, and others that are reprints of illustrations of mine that have earned lives outside of their original context. 
Dionysus 17x22" print ($60 CAD)

This is Dionysus, twelfth member of the Greek pantheon of gods, deity of the grape harvest, winemaking, wine, ritual madness, fertility, theatre, and religious ecstasy. Included: Greek wine, grapes, his panther skin, temple, and thyrsus. I’ve always admired his attitude and unpredictability, but take a pass on the excess. Drawn in March of 2017. Printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.