Edmonton Civic Crest 18x24” print ($60 CAD)
This is a 2006 mangling of Edmonton’s civic crest, and it’s been printed on paper, shirts, stickers, legs, and biceps. What's going on with it? The city’s motto (“Industry, Integrity, and Progress”) was ditched for the first few ridiculous words I could think of. Placing the pioneer’s head in Athena’s arm seemed like a good idea, and that gave space for a Soviet flag reflecting one of Edmonton’s nicknames, “Redmonton.” Athena lost her book of wisdom, a wine bottle and handgun was added, a “Flammable” logo replaced a rising sun, and a skull was subbed in for an industrious-looking sprocket (re: “Deadmonton”).  Need more insight into it? Find a five-minute explainer video on YouTube right here. Dimensions include an approximate 1.5" margin. Printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.
Parody of the crest for the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a banner that reads “Poop, Rickets, Vice”.