Europe 1919 24” square game print and cards  ($60 CAD)
This might just look like a map of Europe circa 1919, but it’s actually a map of Europe circa 1919 that I made to be playable as the popular strategy board game Risk. It has 106 territories, 21 national bonus areas (in lieu of traditional Risk’s six continents), a deck of 112 game cards (versus the original game’s 42), and an infinite capacity to break friendships and suck up time. It’s doesn’t come with any army pieces or rules, but you could construct a set of the former from other sources and easily find a .pdf of the latter online. Also, this just looks great on a wall. Printed with 1” margins at an easily-frameable 24” square. Oh, and note that you’ll have to cut the cards out yourself, but I have a feeling you’re crafty enough to do that.
Black and white illustrated map of Europe that doubles as a game board.