Héritage Montréal (2022)
Every year Héritage Montréal takes a break from defending the city’s built environment for a few hours and instead looks through a directory of top notch Montréal artists to make a print to fundraise with. This is my 12x16”  response to their call. They asked for something that reflected Montréal’s unique architectural style, and I chose to focus on the city’s signature external staircases and wrought-iron balconies, complete with stray cats, ashtrays, recycling bins, trash cans, beer cans, plants and the omnipresent stray Publisacs. All of these things I’ve seen (and smelled, and pet) in my decade-plus Montréal life, and you should probably snag a copy of this from Héritage Montréal while you can. 

︎ heritagemontreal.org