My current Limited Time Offer is all about potatoes and government. From 1867 to present the Canadian federal government has published thousands of free pamphlets and books, and in that body of work there’s a delicious sweet spot where the aesthetics start getting interesting and the copyrights have expired. This beauty (the cover of their 1970 Selecting, Exhibiting & Judging Potatoes booklet) is the perfect example of that; it has cooper bold, an amazing title, and its crown copyright expired in 2020 and the “Agriculture Canada” trademark hasn’t been kept up since the organization changed its name in 1994. So, this can go on your wall without us going to intellectual property jail. Need a copy? I’m offering them at the easily-framed and gigantic size of 24x36” for $60 CAD plus tax and shipping. Also of note: the original booklet was printed with an economical and rough two-colour process, meaning the potato plant photo is a bit “junky” at this larger size It’s definitely not a crisp CMYK photograph, but I bet you’ll find it as charming as I do. Available in English or French.