The Canadian Mycological Review Collection
You folks were pretty interested in the Canadian Potato Forum prints we cooked up last month, and I bet a few of you will also enjoy what we have going on this month. As source material, we explored post-war public domain government publications from the Canadian Agricultural Library and the Internet Archive, but we also ordered a few booklets from private  collectors. And what were we searching for? Mushrooms. So, scroll below this text and you’ll find three mushroom-related booklet covers that my studio assistant Hannah and I restored to better-than-new condition and enlarged to look great on your wall.

The first two are from different editions of the same booklet by J. Walton Groves, who was head of the Mycology Section of Canada’s Plant Research Institute and died in 1970. The illustration on the 1951 edition is uncredited, but the mushroom image on the 1972 edition is probably from Groves’ own camera. The third cover is from 1961 and written by the plant pathologist Kenneth A. Harrison at the Kentville, Nova Scotia, agricultural research station. While the cover design is uncredited, you can find the signature “FR” at bottom right of the well-done one-colour mushroom drawing. Read that entire booklet right here. 

I’m offering copies of each of these covers as easy-to-frame 24x36” prints between the 20th and 26th of March. Need one? They’re $60 CAD each, plus shipping and tax, and are made using the same quality paper and ink that my own art prints are made with. Oh, and if you order more than one copy the shipping price stays the same—consider doubling up with a local friend to save dollars. 

Also of note: for trademark reasons, I’ve had to replace the “Agriculture Canada” and “Canada Department of Agriculture” logos on these covers with something of my own creation (the “Canadian Mycological Review”). While Crown Copyright expires 50 years after publication, there is still a prohibition on reproducing government marks as per Section 9 of the Canadian Trademarks Act.