Lost Buildings of Canada (2018)

Between January and June of 2018 I researched and drew the “lost buildings” of Canada’s nine largest cities: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Ville de Quebec. Each of those cities now has a print that collects their prematurely demolished or burned down structures of note, but below you can find a larger 24x36" silkscreened version that collection my fave 17 selections from those prints and adds another 20 from Canada’s smaller cities. The research was intense and bittersweet, as it’s a tad depressing to dig through so many buildings of architectural, cultural, or social importance that disappeared well before their time. Also, it was impossible to include every building I would have liked, but here’s what each print includes: names, facades, years standing, and dozens of hours of inquiry and illustration. See the rest of them in the shop, and I’ve since expanded this series to the USA.