To give you a quick tour of this place, the “portfolio” section is a 36-project overview of my fave illustrations from the last decade, a mix of editorial, commercial, and personal work. The “shop” section includes dozens of my art prints, some of which are personal projects, and others that are reprints of illustrations of mine that have earned lives outside of their original context. 
Pabst (2019)

I illustrated a strange-world version of the Pabst Blue Ribbon’s original Milwaukee brewery, stuck it on a can template, e-mailed it to Dylan at Leeftail Co., and then he gave it a thumbs-up and sent it on to Pabst Canada. From there it was put on 500000 cans and spread across the counry. I don’t usually think of my work as “playful,” but I think this might be that; note the oddball stair-climbing centipede, ladder-ascending ghosts, and the two-headed little person at bottom left. I found the actual shiny aluminum can version impossible to photograph, so that’s why you’re just seeing the ready-to-print template. Maybe you can still seek and destroy it first-person style next time you’re where tall cans of beer are sold?

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