To give you a quick tour of this place, the “portfolio” section is a 36-project overview of my fave illustrations from the last decade, a mix of editorial, commercial, and personal work. The “shop” section includes dozens of my art prints, some of which are personal projects, and others that are reprints of illustrations of mine that have earned lives outside of their original context. 
Pointe St. Charles Games Club (2021)

I have a problem. As an designerly illustrator, I love the aesthetic of logos, I love making them, and they can come to me fast. For example, this little beauty came together in 15 minutes ahead of a very informal boardgame night at my place, and it presses all my buttons. The problem: I have no interest in the formal requirements of professional logo design, including consultation, vectors, rolling out a full identity, “branding,” multiple versions, rejected concepts, Pantones, edits, long hours, etc. So, let me solve that for the both of us. As of today the “Raymond Biesinger Budget Logo Factory” is a thing. How does it work? You’ll send me about your project that needs a logo. If my schedule’s free, we’ll agree to a fee on a sliding scale, and then I’ll make you a one-colour 600 dpi .tif logo, at 12” square that involves no sketches, no edits, no deadline, and no back and forth. Then I’ll send you the logo when it’s done, and you’ll send me that money whether you use the logo or not. The last step?  You handing that logo over to a “real” designer to do all the things I don’t like doing. Sound good? Probably not. But if it does, let’s talk.