Queer Country Hot Hits information pamphlet ($2 CAD)
Sure, maybe you saw Orville Peck live and on-stage last year, and you’ve seen a k.d. lang CD or two at Value Village, but where were you when Paul Clayton sang “Stay Away from the Girls” in 1958 or Lavender Country released “Crying These Cocksucking Tears” in ’73? Probably not even alive. Thankfully, queer historian, artist, and bon vivant Steacy Easton and I collaborated on this eight-panel pamphlet to get you fully educated on her 25 favourite queer country and western hits from the 1930s to present. It has 2300 words by Steacy, six illustrations by yours truly, and with it in your collection you’ll never again wonder where the LGBTQIA is in C&W; it was there from day one. A faithful reproduction of the pamphlet published in 2020 by the now-defunct Pentagon Black.