This Is WWI 24x36” print ($80 CAD)
Back in 2011 (with the help of expert silkscreener Simon Bossé) I made a 20-page “pocket history” of the First World War, and while that book has long sold out, my images and text have lived on in poster format. Here is its most recent form, taking you from 1914 to 1918 in two colours and 2000 words.  It concludes with an awful death count, but before that it illuminates the relevant front lines, armouries, hospitals and oceans, as well as 1910s Sarajevo, London, Moscow, Berlin, America, Italy, Verdun, and Cambrai. Mandatory wall art for any history afficionado. Oh, and if you’re interested in getting deeper into it, click here to see a 6-minute YouTube explainer video on the thing by yours truly. Dimensions include an approximate 1.5" margin, printed in an open edition, signed and dated on reverse.
Black and white poster with multiple illustrations detailing historical happenings of WWI.