To give you a quick tour, the “portfolio” section is a 24-project overview of my fave illustrations, a mix of editorial, commercial, and personal work. The “shop” section includes dozens of my art prints. All the screenprints are printed by Unik, and all the others are pressed in-studio with an Epson 3880 on ultra-premium matte paper. Also of note: I ship prints weekly in double-walled carboard mailers, and if you see something elsewhere that you want as a print, drop me a line. It may be possible. 
Vancouver on 3 Sept. 1962 24” square silkscreened print ($80 CAD)

This is "Vancouver on 3 September 1962," and it’s a snapshot of Vancouver on the day the Trans-Canada Highway officially opened and photographer Fred Herzog was busily documenting Vancouver’s very different streets. The print as a whole focuses on downtown; the east border could be thought of as Main and the south as Broadway. I wanted to have some fun with the Granville’s neon signs; the Plaza and Orpheum Theatres are present, as is the Yale Hotel. Look closely a little down and left of centre and you’ll find a personal favourite building of mine, too: the stylishly boxy 1953 Main Post Office. Screenprinted in an edition of 200, signed and editioned on reverse. 

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