Vue à Vol d'Oiseau des Trois Rivières, P. Q. 1881 36x24" print ($60 CAD)
In 1881 the skilled German-born American artist and lithographer Henry Wellge split his time between Wisconsin, Québec, and Vermont, but it seems like most of his year was spent in Québec. Below is his expertly-made view of Trois Rivières in 1881, and that year he also completed images of Bedford, Coaticook, Lennoxville, Rock Island, St. John (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu), Sherbrooke (which you can see elsewhere in this collection), Sorel, Waterloo, and more, before leaving the province entirely.  While Wellge was prodigous (he made at least 150 bird’s eye views in his career) this kind of travel schedule was fairly typical of artists like him – they’d travel to a new area, set up a temporary studio, leverage different cities against each other to try to receive the best compensation for their time, and then draw, draw, and draw.