To give you a quick tour of this place, the “portfolio” section is a 30-project overview of my fave illustrations from the last decade, a mix of editorial, commercial, and personal work. The “shop” section includes dozens and dozens of my art prints, some of which are personal projects, and others that are reprints of illustrations of mine that have earned lives outside of their original context. 
the Lost Buildings of Canada (2018)

Between January and June of 2018 I researched and drew the “lost buildings” of  ten of Canada’s largest cities:  Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Ville de Quebec and Winnipeg. Each of those cities now has a print that collects their prematurely demolished or burned down structures of note, but below you can find a larger 24x36" silkscreened version that collection my fave 17 selections from those prints and adds another 20 from Canada’s smaller cities. The research was intense and bittersweet, as it’s a tad depressing to dig through so many buildings of architectural, cultural, or social importance that disappeared well before their time. Also, it was impossible to include every building I would have liked, but here’s what each print includes: names, facades, years standing, and dozens of hours of inquiry and illustration. See the rest of them in the shop, and I’ve since expanded this series to the USA. 

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